Tererai Trent International is the fulfillment of a young woman’s dream

Tererai dreamed of an education, for herself
and the people in her village

With steadfast determination and a great unexpected gift...

Her dream of providing quality education has become a reality.

Today, Tererai is one of the most internationally recognized voices for quality education and women’s empowerment.

Let us tell you the story of how a dream can come true...

When universal access to education is a global priority, anything is achievable.


We envision empowered rural communities where all children have universal access to quality education, regardless of their gender or socio-economic backgrounds.

Will you join us on this journey
and dream with us?


TTI Foundation is the heart of the organization. Over 5000 students now have improved learning due to our actions on the ground in Zimbabwe. The plan is to continue the development growth of our education system with the support of  socially engaged TTI businesses.


TTI businesses strive for long-term positive social and economic impact, while ensuring sustainable revenues for an education system that does not rely solely on external funding. 

Current business sectors are: Matau Trade Center, Capital/Microfinance, Agriculture, Artisan Crafts, Eco Lodges, & Children’s Books.

What's happening now... news from Tererai Trent International Foundation

An Interview with the Author

Preorder your copy today! Click here   An Interview with the Author: Dr. Tererai Trent What motivated you to write this book, The Girl Who Buried Her Dreams in a Can? After I achieved my dreams for an education, I knew I wanted to write a book that would inspire the younger readers. As a child growing up in poverty, I witnesses how my community consistently prioritize boys over girls in education because they felt boys had more chances to get job opportunities. These experiences made me want to write a story that decisively validates the value of giving educational opportunities to girls. I am proof that educating girls can create a positive reaction in a community, and help break the cycle of poverty. How is this book related to your work with your organization, the Tererai Trent International Foundation? My Foundation promotes a community-wide literacy boost by establishing an after-school reading program. We want to encourage the culture of reading within the community. Through this program we are also supplying books in the reading camps since there is a great shortage of books in the rural areas. Its unfortunate that at times 5-10 children may have to share just one book. What do you hope young readers will gain from this book? This book will encourage young readers to explore the world within their own imaginations, and dare to dream big. My hope is to inspire them to believe in themselves, to believe in their dreams, whatever they may be, and give a positive example of how they can achieve their dreams, and that anything in life is possible! Why choose...

Interview: Educator Who Inspires Oprah

The following interview was reported on June 27th, 2014 by Neelam Chowdhary at AsiaSociety.org. Asia Society was excited to welcome Dr. Tererai Trent as a keynote speaker at the seventh annual Partnership for Global Learning Conference, running this year on June 27-28, 2014 in New York City. Dr. Trent is a world-renowned activist, author, and speaker about education and equity whose remarkable life journey began with an impoverished childhood in northern Zimbabwe — as has been recounted by Nicholas Kristof and Oprah Winfrey, who called Dr. Trent her “favorite guest of all time.” In preparation for this year’s conference, we asked Dr. Trent about her extraordinary work to promote global competence, the capacity and disposition to understand and act on issues of global significance. Describe your current work in education. The memory of my early days of illiteracy is never more vivid than when I travel back to my community and meet with childhood friends and neighbors who cannot read because they did not have an opportunity for an education. I believe that education will provide all children with tools to master a higher quality of life. The benefit to girls is particularly important, as studies have shown that every additional year that a girl remains in school progressively reduces her likelihood of contracting HIV/AIDS, dying in childbirth, or living in poverty. If the state of schools and the quality of education in rural Africa is not improved, our children are doomed for failure as the cycle continues! Through my foundation, I am committed to bringing education and sustainability to rural communities. In partnership with Oprah Winfrey and Save the Children, nine schools are being built and education...

Making Oprah’s Gifts Count

I’ll never forget when Oprah Winfrey turned to me and said, “We are going to build a school!”  This was my second time on her show, and Oprah had just named me her “all-time favorite guest” in 25 years of the show.  As if that wasn’t enough, she had just informed me that she was donating $1.5 million to build a school in my home village in Zimbabwe!  When Oprah gave me the incredible news, my response – in the midst of overwhelming gratitude – was “It is achievable!”  (Tinogona means “it is achievable.”) With that, Tinogona Foundation was born. Oprah had sent a film crew to my village when I was her guest the first time, so she knew my story and had seen the dilapidated school that I dreamed of replacing. I had struggled greatly to get an education myself, and after many years had finally done so, completing my doctorate in 2009. I had broken the cycle of poverty in my life – an achievement that gave me an incomparable feeling of personal dignity, and I wanted others in my village to experience that too. I wanted to provide quality education to thousands of children in my country—so they can break the cycle of poverty in their families—thereby fulfilling my fifth dream of giving back to my community by rebuilding my childhood elementary school. While Zimbabwe literacy rates had once been ranked as one of the highest within Southern Africa,  the global economic crisis of 2008 hit the country hard.  My childhood elementary school, Matau Primary School, was not spared; the parents could not afford school levies that enabled rural schools to maintain...

The establishment of a business model will ensure long-term sustainability of TTI Foundation work, while reducing reliance on external aid.

In the Press

Dr. Trent’s passion and optimism has caught national attention. Tererai Trent was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show and later revealed as Oprah’s “All-Time Favorite Guest” during a May 2011 episode. Oprah’s generous donation, along with support from many others, made the dream of rebuilding the Matau Primary School in Zimbabwe a reality.

Partnerships with organizations like “Save the Children“, Zimbabwe Ministry of Education, Rural District Councils and many more, have enabled us to make strides toward our goal to provide universal access to quality education, and improve the livelihoods of the communities we serve.